JAPANOLOGY Succeeded in Downsizing the SUSHI on Belt Conveyor


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JAPANOLOGY Succeeded in Downsizing the SUSHI on Belt Conveyor | ハイエナズクラブHave you experienced Sushi on Belt Conveyor, one of the greatest invention in Japan?


The concept that food provided on the Belt Conveyor is very unique and food carried like on a CAROUSEL looks so silly. Recently many of the Sushi restaurants in Japan are installing the smart tablet on every table to place the order and also we can play game with the Sushi-plate to win the prize in some of the places.

“Japanology” on Sushi is getting more entertaining everyday they say,  but I never be satisfied with them.

The Genuine Japanology can do far better than them, and I have been believing that I’m the one to show it.

Then I decided to create the more robust and compact machine for Sushi.


I went to the Kappabashi Dougu Street (http://www.kappabashi.or.jp/en/index.html)in Tokyo, the very famous place to get cooking stuffs for business.

There are lots of stores deal with various kinds of kitchen ware and plastic food samples on this street. This place is popular among the restaurant runners, and also fascinating people both from inside and outside of Japan. All I could see there were just cooking stuffs.

First thing I got was the plate used in the Sushi restaurant.

I got a plastic Sushi sample also.

Looks like real tuna and rice.


Soon after I got home, I started working.

I set a motor, a switch, and a battery box in a case.

Then closed it,

Covered it with paper looks like wood,

And put the plate and a Sushi sample on it.

Don’t forget to add soy source and Wasabi.

The SUSHI-CAROUSEL finished !!!!

Succeeded on downsizing of the Sushi on Belt Conveyor!!!!!

Turn it on !!!!

Spins !!!!!



Put anything you want to make spin .

Even the Japanological food, the soup noodle,

Spins !!!!!


With this machine, we never need to go out to the Sushu Restaurant again.

Or, Take this coolest machine out to a picnic !


Invented by mansoon

Translated by Shibata-pro